Born in Akron, Ohio, Chef Nael Taki discovers his fascination for the happenings in the kitchen at a very early age. Never considering a traditional nine-to-five career he dives straight into the restaurant industry at the age of fifteen. Nael begins his adventures in the kitchen as a dishwasher at a local restaurant. With strong drive, determination, and the love of all things culinary, success is sure to follow, and at the young age of nineteen Chef Nael finds himself the Head Chef of a small restaurant in his home town.

As Executive Chef, Nael develops a unique style transforming traditional dishes into modern cuisine. Each bite offers an exceptional blend of flavors and textures paired with artful and invigorating presentation.

After four years as Head Chef at the Main Street Grill, leaning how to hone in on his own craft Chef Nael takes his talents to Southern California and quickly finds his place as the Sous Chef at the HT Grill in Redondo Beach. With his innovative style and strong work ethic Chef Nael is quickly noticed by HT Grill's owner, Paul Hennessey. Chef Nael is offered an opportunity to showcase his unique skill and stellar techniques as the Executive Chef at The Wine Bistro in Dana Point, California.

After spending a few years of opening The Wine Bistro of Dana Point. Chef Nael was brought back to Redondo beach to take over operations of HT Grill in Redondo Beach, California. Now spending time with local purveyors, Chef Nael has expanded his understanding of fresh and unique local ingredients California has to offer. Chef Nael's spin on food has always been eccentric modern american, with that being said he is always looking for new innovated ways to express his passion on a plate and his guests palates. Chef Nael has shaken things up in the village of Redondo Beach at HT, new menus, new promotions and a awesome happy hour from 4-7 M-F.

As the Executive Chef of HT Grill, you can find Nael busy in the kitchen cooking up something new and innovative. Look for daily menu changes and Chef Tasting Dinner every Monday Night. Three courses & three glasses of wine for only twenty five dollars. Chef Nael insists that the quality of the ingredients is key to the unique flavors that he brings to food. To visit Chef Nael, come to HT Grill, Redondo Beach 1701 S. Catalina Ave Redondo Beach, CA. Reservations are accepted for parties of eight or more guests.